Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Reasons Toddler’s Tantrum Can Actually Be Good Thing

As a parent, you may find raising a kid through his toddler’s age nothing less than a challenge. The main reason is that most of the toddlers make frequent tantrums. While the time that we spend with the smiling toddlers is surely the quality time, seeing the kid making tantrum is really what we don’t want to see. But there are some good reasons to believe that toddler’s tantrums are actually good. These tantrums do not only help the toddlers to regulate their emotions but they also let the parents learn to be calmer.

With that said, it would be worth mentioning some reasons why toddler’s tantrums are actually good.

Child gets rid of the emotions
There is a thing called cortisol which is present in tears. When the kid cries due to stress, he literally releases the element which was causing stress. Crying is found to be helpful in lowering blood pressure and improving overall emotional state. You may have noticed that when your kid is about to make a tantrum, everything seems wrong. He would be angry and upset. But when the tantrum is over, your kid would be in good mood. So, it has to be kept in mind that it’s not the tears and tantrums which can be termed as bad things. The bad feelings are to blame, and tantrums are actually helpful in getting rid of those emotions and feelings.

Child’s learning process
We want our kids to learn good and constructive things. And this learning process is quite natural because children learn from whatever they do. But, this learning process can get interrupted if the child has some big feelings in the emotional backpack. Now, you can see if your child is standing quiet and sad, you can conclude that he must have those big feelings bothering him. He can stay like this for a long time but there is a thing called tantrum. When the child makes tantrum, he actually gets rid of the big feelings. When the feelings are gone and the tantrum is over, your child would be in pretty good position to learn new things and have fun.

The child can have better sleep
Parents always tend to avoid tantrums and this is where most of us can go wrong. By avoiding tantrums in the day, we actually avoid the big feelings in the children from coming out. So, the child may develop sleep problems because when his brain comes at rest, the big feelings make it difficult for the kid to relax and go to sleep. Therefore, allowing to child to get rid of his feeling can help him to get relaxed and go to sleep.

Tantrums can bring both kids and parents closer
You may have experienced it if you are a peaceful parent. When your kid makes tantrum, you need to let the kid get rid of those feelings. In the meantime, you can offer the kid some kind words and reassurances. By the time tantrum is gone, you will find your kid getting closer to you.

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